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Domain and internet-related information on the country Iran

Here is a compilation of information on the country Iran, focusing on the areas of Internet and top-level domain.

The country code top-level domain for Iran is .IR.

The following second-level domains (SLDs) exist for Iran(IR):

The number of Internet users in Iran is about 8.2 Millionen .
In Iran there are currently about 197804 internet hosts.
The number of phones (landline) amounted to 28.8 Millionen .
The amount of mobil phones is about 58.2 Millionen .

More information on Iran:

Iran is located in Asia (Southern Asia).
The capital is Tehran.
The area is 1.648.195 km².
The population is around 80.8 Millionen inhabitants.
The population density is 49 inhabitants / km².
The growth domestic product (GDP) is around 411.9 Milliarden US-Dollar (USD).
The following language is spoken in Iran: Persian.
The currency is Rial (IRR).
The dialing prefix of Iran is +98.
The international vehicle registration code is: IR.
The following 7 countries have borders to Iran: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan.
Big cities in Iran:
Tehran (around 7.2 Millionen inhabitants)
Shiraz (around 1.2 Millionen inhabitants)
Tabriz (around 1.4 Millionen inhabitants)
Karaj (around 1.4 Millionen inhabitants)
Isfahan (around 1.5 Millionen inhabitants)
Mashhad (around 2.3 Millionen inhabitants)
Map of Iran

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