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domain check with whois based domain information, search for free domain names, domain name lookup

With our domain checker tool you can search in more than 1633 top-level domains (TLD) and second-level domains (SLD) about domain name information and the availability of the domain (free or registered).

What is domain check good for?

Domain Check helps you in finding out, if a domain name is yet available or taken.
If a domain ist taken, there is information about the domain owner, the administrative contact and the technical contact. Additional there are technical statements about the responsible name servers of the domain and infos about the zone contact (supervisor of the name servers).
In most cases, these informations are available by Whois Servers. With our domain checker you can query this Whois data.

So our domain check can help you in:

  • checking the availability of a domain (check if a domain is free or taken)
  • verifying the information about a domain
  • finding the owner of a domain
  • detecting the administrative and technical contact of a domain
  • checking the current registered dates of a domain owner
  • looking up the name servers of a domain
  • monitoring a domain transfer.

Which top-level-domains are supported in Domain Check?

We support these top-level-domains:

  • the country-code top-level domains (ccTLD)
  • the generic top-level domains (gTLD)
  • the new generic top-level domains (ngTLD)
  • the sponsored top-level domains
  • country-code second-level domains
  • CentralNIC domain names.

So you can check for domain name information in all commonly used top-level-domains.

Is there whois information for all top-level domains?

Sorry, but in moment this is not the case. There are also domain extensions where no whois server is available. In this case, we try to redirect you to the Web whois of the responsible registry (NIC). There you can investigate then for further information about the domain.

Good luck with the domain query and your domain search!